Global Game Jam - FLU AWAY

This is the game I've managed to do in the Global Game Jam 2018 with the "Transmission" theme for this year.

Upon this theme, my idea was turning around the Flu Transmission. My main objective was to know if I could handle to make alone in 48 hours a playable game. It seems I did it!!! It's a simple game, due to my lack of coding knowledge :(

You have to catch the train to go to work, but if get near a infected person with the Flu, you get slower and could miss the train. Catch the pill and earn extra time. The game so far is with only 2 levels, without much thought on the gameplay, but I think it's a good base for a fun project.

Hope you like the simple mechanics and feedbacks are always welcome!

Check out the game here:

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Jan 30, 2018

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